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A key part of the project was to involve as much local talent as possible. The film was sponsored by a Millom based company and most of the cast and crew either live, work or study in Cumbria.




Simon Phelps 

Writer / Direction / Production

Originally training in Graphic Design and Copywriting, Simon's passion for story began with short stories, leading to children's books and beyond. In the last five years he has focused on writing for film and television. He has an MA in Creative Writing and currently teaches English, Film and Media Studies. This is his first film. 

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Joel Sheldrake

Sound / Sound design

Ross Bickerdike

Camera assistant

Craig Hadley

Title design / Brand

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Distil Studio

Marketing design

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Mike Feather 

Cinematographer / Camera / Lighting / Edit / Colour grade


With twenty-five years as a commercial stills photographer, Mike has worked all over the world with a range of blue chip clients and agencies. He has an inherent love of film and is currently developing his expertise in moving image.

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Esme Holliday

Production assistant

Paula Dawson

Hair & make up

Brett Fawkes

Visual effects

Evie Ashton



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Jansen Redhead



Jakki Moore

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